Month: November 2019

Video Games Are Good For You

With more than 1.23 billion consumers playing video games every day, the $25 billion per year gaming industry has inarguably had a massive impact on society. The question looms is that impact positive or negative?   Gaming, similar to playing a musical instrument, learning a new language or simply reading, inevitably alters your brain. The common belief is that those changes are inherently negative, whether its increased violence and aggression, depression, anti-social behavior, or even…
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Board Games Vs Video Games: You Can’t Game When Your Electricity Is Cut Off

You are ripping out nazi hearts, saving the princess, shooting zombies with your tripped-out ray gun, or winning the Fortnite championship. You are having fun. That can’t be so bad, right? Gaming is no longer just a simple joystick, game-over-screen, after-school endeavor. Gaming is a $135 billion enterprise with dozens upon dozens of job disciplines. From Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, to even the smartphone in your pocket, this is an industry with no limits. Seriously,…
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The #1 Investment You Can Make- Guaranteed Return On Investment (ROI)

Google in 2004.The End. Okay, But Really… There is a multitude of different investments you can make, all with varying degrees of risk, return, and liquidity. In the investment world, we weigh these three factors against each other constantly to determine the correct percentage of your portfolio to allocate to each type of investment. Generally, the riskier an investment, the higher the potential payout. The number one investment you can make; however, far exceeds the…
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