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Author: Matt Latterell


Veganism extends far beyond your diet, which is why cruelty-free investing is so essential to maintain a truly vegan lifestyle. If you’re already vegan, you know that it takes more commitment than most people understand, but that ethically, it’s worth it. You must always be conscious about what you are putting into and on your body which can be expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, with over 300,000 species of fruits and vegetables, variety isn’t a problem!…
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The #1 Investment You Can Make- Guaranteed Return On Investment (ROI)

Google in 2004.The End. Okay, But Really… There is a multitude of different investments you can make, all with varying degrees of risk, return, and liquidity. In the investment world, we weigh these three factors against each other constantly to determine the correct percentage of your portfolio to allocate to each type of investment. Generally, the riskier an investment, the higher the potential payout. The number one investment you can make; however, far exceeds the…
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