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Some of the Benefits of a 529 College Savings Plan:

Earnings are not subject to federal tax and in some cases state tax, when used for qualified education expenses.As of January 1, 2018, assets can also be withdrawn to pay for K-12 tuition (up to $10,000 per year)There are no tax consequences if you change the designated beneficiary.For 2019, you can contribute up to $75,000 ($150,000 if married filing jointly). This is the maximum contribution you can make within a 5-year period.More than one account can be opened (by different people) on behalf of the same beneficiary.

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Before investing in a 529 plan, consider whether your state’s plan or that of your beneficiary offers state tax and other benefits not available through this plan.

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What is a 529 College Savings Plan?Does a 529 plan affect financial aid?What if my beneficiary does not go to college, earns a scholarship, or the account has more money than I need?Can I use a 529 for everything college related?Does my state offer a tax deduction?Do I need to use my own state’s plan? Can I take tax free distributions if my child attends an International college?

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