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Author: Jordan Feinstein

Modern Portfolio Theory Made Easy

Introduction to Modern Portfolio Theory What is Modern Portfolio Theory? Despite the name, ‘Modern’ Portfolio Theory (MPT) was pioneered in 1952 by Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz.  Almost 70 years later, the principals of MPT remain just as relevant today.  The foundation of MPT is based on the logic that the risk and return of a single investment should be analyzed together. An efficient investment portfolio should be based on an analysis of the different…
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A Guide to Your Inheritance

Before you begin to invest or spend an inheritance, it’s essential to know what type you will be receiving. Knowing what you will inherit and how it can be taxed gives you a much better picture of what to expect. This guide provides simple explanations for the most common forms of inheritance and their potential for taxation:   Straight Up Cash: Cash is one of the most common forms of inheritance. The good news is that…
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How Accurate Are Polls: Can I Trust My Vote?

Many Democrats awoke in disbelief on November 9th, 2016. Clearly many were shocked by what they saw on the news! Maybe it was still a dream, or they had yet to put on their glasses. Surely Donald Trump, the seemingly joke candidate that many Americans thought had no chance of winning the Presidential election, could not actually have won. Unfortunately for many, Trump’s victory was for real, albeit wildly unexpected! How is it possible that…
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Understanding Inheritance: Trust The Process

Inheriting money from a family member can be a blessing or a burden. How tempting is it to run out and put a down payment on a Mercedes-Benz or get that Cartier Love ring when a large sum of money suddenly appears in your account? As good as these material items may make you feel for the moment, what happens when these new purchases begin to eat into your income or your loans keep increasing…
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