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Our Mission

To provide hybrid robo investing services that allow every investor access to targeted strategies that don’t compromise their values.

At Demand Wealth, we hold the belief that every individual should be respected for their different values and how they choose to support those values. We’ve developed smart investment practices and online investment management services that don’t require compromise.

Clients can build wealth and a legacy that aligns with the unique core values that serve as guiding principles for themselves and their family. We offer global diversification within the industries you support while avoiding those that don’t align with your vision for the future.

Our digital investment technology is designed to make the customer experience seamless and efficient, and is complemented by a team of customer-focused financial advisors who offer personalized niche asset management 24/7.

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Many investors today are torn between paying a full-service advisor around 1%, or paying an index focused firm closer to .2%. Demand Wealth offers a flat .5% pricing model attached to a full-service team of experts with professional asset management.*

Offering a valuable set of free financial planning tools or working with a planner to deliver a comprehensive financial plan provides direction.

Offering a core goal and risk-based portfolio or digital investing in niche markets that meets your values or stage in life, providing choice.

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  *Fee Data taken from Investopedia, June 25, 2019.
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