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Senior Financial Planning

Maintain your independence

We’re all about helping you make wise financial decisions. Whether managing your evolving plan or other areas of your financial picture, bring your challenges to Demand Wealth.

How We Can Help You:

Uncover important aging considerations.Work with a trusted partner who can help you manage your financial picture.Understand how to address longevity, health care, and end of life.Organize important assets, resources, contacts and advisors.Protect against hidden retirement and medical costs.How you can protect against elder abuse.

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How do I maintain my financial independence?What are the various types of senior living options?
Will I be able to cover all of my living expenses in my older years?
What is an elder care resource plan?
What are some end-of-life care costs I may encounter?
Should we stay in our house, or move to a less expensive house/ state?

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