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Demand Wealth:
Free Financial Consultations To Those Economically Affected By the Coronavirus


Demand Wealth, a leading expert in customized online investment solutions and online financial planning, is now offering free (Zoom video) consultations to individuals who have been most heavily impacted by COVID-19.

Specializing in portfolio investments, Demand Wealth offers a wide range of optimized portfolios for specific value sets and life situations. According to their team, portfolio investment solutions include packages customized fornewly married couples,cryptocurrency enthusiasts, those interested in the vegan lifestyle, and much more

Free Assistance From a Hybrid Robo Advisor

Those who have been heavily affected by coronavirus can now rely on Demand Wealth for free financial advice via Zoom. Consultations are available to cover many needs, including questions or concerns about:

● Hope Act Navigation
● Budgeting and Expense Management

● Portfolio Analysis/General Investment Advice
● Retirement Planning Advice
● College Funding Advice
● Savings/Emergency Fund Advice
● Major Purchase Advice
● Wills/Estates/Trusts

Demand Wealth has stated that in order to be eligible for the free consultation, an individual must meet any of the following requirements: 

1. The individual (or immediate family member) has been laid-off or furloughed as a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis
2. The individual (or immediate family member) has been diagnosed with COVID-19
3. The individual is working in a frontlines occupation in the fight against COVID-19

The free, Zoom-based consultations with a Demand Wealth financial expert will range anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes and must be booked in advance online. Proof of adherence to eligibility requirements will be required via email prior to consultation. To check eligibility for one of these free consultations, interested readers are encouraged to click here for more information.

With unpredictable market fluctuations due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important now than ever to have access to the advice of a qualified financial advisor. Demand Wealth is proud to do their part for the community and is able to further assist individuals with specialized services in asset management, tax planning, retirement planning, and more.

Please fill out our Eligibility Form to see if you qualify.
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