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‘Demand Blockchain’ Portfolio

Invest in cryptocurrency with ease

A portfolio designed to help you invest in blockchain technology while maintaining global diversification.

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Invest In Your Interests…

Build a diversified blockchain portfolio that lets you generate wealth from cryptocurrency without the complexities.


With 25% of equity going to companies that develop blockchain technology, each of our portfolios allows you to have exposure to cryptocurrency without the hassle.


Even though your portfolio is concentrated in blockchain, rest easy knowing that your portfolio is fully diversified across the entire market.


We stay informed of any new developments in the world of Blockchain investing and an advisor is standing by for all your investment needs.

…Without Compromise

Demand Wealth will help you invest in blockchain technology. We’ll guide you through every step, allowing you to invest in digital currency while taking on as little (or as much) risk as appropriate.


Investing in a fully diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs helps you reduce fees and maximize returns.


Our tax efficient strategies help minimize the taxes you pay so you can keep more of your money.


Instead of robo rebalancing which can limit performance opportunities through its rigid, pre-defined structure, we rebalance your portfolio when it makes sense to ensure that you’re buying low and selling high.

Your Blockchain Portfolio
Portfolio allocation based on risk tolerance.
Blockchain Stocks
Technology Stocks
International Large Cap Stocks
International Large Value Stocks
Small Cap Stocks
Emerging Market Stocks
Total US Market Stocks
Intermediate Core Bonds
Short Term Corporate Bonds
High Yield Bonds
Emerging Markets Bonds
International Bonds
Intermediate Gov. Bonds
Enhanced Aggregate Bonds
Inflation-Protected Bonds
Global Real Estate

Portfolio allocation based on risk tolerance and are subject to change.

Important Content

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Why Demand Wealth?

We genuinely respect and care about your interests and values, so we help you invest accordingly.We’re just as committed to your portfolio’s performance as we are to ensuring your investments are tailored specifically for you.We connect you with a network of specialists from estate planning attorneys to certified public accountants (CPA’s). Click here to meet our team!Our pricing structure is low and simple: 0.5% annual fee with no transaction fees or hidden costs.We help simplify and organize the complexities of your financial life.

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How can I construct a portfolio that focuses on blockchain technology? Am I taking on too much risk in my investment portfolio? Is my current financial plan best for me and my family? Does investing in blockchain mean I’ll see lower returns? Does my current asset allocation align with my beliefs and goals?

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1. Our core investment strategy is based on the Nobel Prize-Winning Modern Portfolio Theory.

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