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‘Demand Newlywed’ Portfolio

A portfolio that transitions with you

Financial planning for newlyweds that helps you prepare for one of the biggest changes in your life.

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From combining finances to answering questions like “should I give my spouse power of attorney”?, we can help you navigate the investment process and plan for the most successful future.

One Stress-Free Portfolio…

We’ll help you figure out which stage is best for you and automatically update it as you move through the wedding process.

STAGE 1: THE HONEYMOON STAGE 0% Stocks, 100% Bonds

Designed for couples who are still in the initial planning stages, this extremely low-risk model enables you to focus on what matters and includes financial advice for newlyweds you can put to work later on.

STAGE 2: THE COOPERATION STAGE 10% Stocks, 90% Bonds

Combining finances for newlyweds becomes more important as you get closer to the big day. This model provides slightly more market exposure as you look forward to your new life together.

STAGE 3: THE STABILITY STAGE 30% Stocks, 70% Bonds

For more aggressive investing and budgeting for newlyweds, this model provides even more market exposure. After four months in this model, an advisor will contact you to help you think through what’s best for your family’s financial future.

…With Uncompromised Features

Should married couples have joint bank accounts? What does “power of attorney” mean? We offer personalized financial plans and portfolios so you can make smart decisions for your financial future.


Investing in a fully diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs helps you reduce fees and maximize returns.


Our tax efficient strategies help minimize the taxes you pay so you can keep more of your money.


Instead of robo rebalancing which can limit performance opportunities through its rigid, pre-defined structure, we rebalance your portfolio when it makes sense to ensure that you’re buying low and selling high.

Your Newlywed Portfolio
Portfolio allocation based on wedding planning stage.
Large US Stocks
Total World Stocks
Intermediate Gov. Bonds
Mortgage-Backed Bonds
Inflation-Protected Bonds
Short Term Corporate Bonds
Intermediate Core Bonds
Enhanced US Bonds
US Ultrashort Bonds
US Real Estate
Global Real Estate
The Demand Wealth Divorce Portfolio does not contain aggressive portfolios. For more Divorce investment options, please contact one of our financial professionals.
Emerging Markets Bonds
Ultrashort Bonds
Intermediate Government Bonds
Enhanced Aggregate Bonds
Inflation-Protected Bonds
Once you have reached the target date, a Demand Wealth advisor will reach out to you for a longer term portfolio.

Portfolio allocation based on risk tolerance and is subject to change. Due to the nature of our Newlywed portfolios, there are no Aggressive options. If you would like to discuss additional investment options, please contact one of our financial professionals.

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Why Demand Wealth?

We genuinely respect and care about your interests and values, so we help you invest accordingly.We’re just as committed to your portfolio’s performance as we are to ensure your investments are tailored specifically for you.We connect you with a network of specialists from estate planning attorneys to certified public accountants (CPA’s). Click here to meet our team!Our pricing structure is low and simple: 0.5% annual fee with no transaction fees or hidden costs.We help simplify and organize the complexities of your financial life.

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Demand Principles

How can I construct a portfolio that best fits my current situation? Am I taking on too much risk in my investment portfolio? Is my current financial plan best for me and my family? Does investing in the marriage portfolio mean I’ll see lower returns? Does my current asset allocation align with my goals?

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1. Our core investment strategy is based on the Nobel Prize-Winning Modern Portfolio Theory.

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