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Demanding Equality

Demanding Equality

I had dinner with my Mom last night and she told me about a group of old New Yorkers who started congregating on Zoom to talk about life, the world, and equality. One African American gentleman who worked at a big-box retailer for over 20 years recounted his experience with recently hired junior managers telling him to effectively do chores such as stocking shelves, or taking out the trash.

On one dirty hand, until opportunities are equal for all Americans and citizens of the world for that matter, it will be clear that all lives don’t matter to many governments and institutions. But the other hand is clean and open. That hand represents the majority. Last night I was trying to fall asleep but became mesmerized by the videos on social media. For every callous act of wanton destruction, there were two of hope. From the young African American protest leader giving a police line of dozens in full riot gear a case of water, to the line of African American men in Louisville Kentucky protecting a white man who became isolated during a heated protest, let’s focus on the vast majority of Americans who would rather offer love and protection to strangers then destroy, steal or do harm to others.

It’s a shame that it takes something so devastating like the killing of George Floyd to bring to light the countless injustices thrust upon so many minorities. It’s tough to digest that in a modern society we still have a dark cloud of stigma and prejudice. Most of us understand change doesn’t happen overnight, but we want it now!

Demand Wealth stands firmly hand in hand with the majority who demand equality now. We even have a portfolio dedicated to the movement of Hope, and 10% of all profits for 2020 will be donated to charities providing shelter for those who have been abused.


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