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Why Donate to Charity? How Donating Helps Your Faith

  It’s no surprise that people of faith are more likely to give to charity than the non-pious. Especially considering the Bible, which is loaded with proverbs such as “A generous person will prosper” (Proverbs 11:25). Donating to charity will do much more than help the organization. You, as the giver, reap some of the…
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Christian Financial Advice – Preparation is Key

Growing wealth for the long term and retiring comfortably is a premier financial goal for many Americans. To do that effectively, you likely will want to work with a financial advisor who shares similar values to yours. The Christian financial advisors at Demand Wealth incorporate biblical principles and teachings into their custom investment strategies and…
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What Is Christian Investing?

As Christians, we know that our relationship with Christ isn’t just supposed to affect our Sunday mornings – it’s supposed to affect our entire lives. From the conversations we have to the movies we watch, God desires for every aspect of our lives to conform to His will. One aspect that is often easy to…
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You’re a Christian. Your Advisor is Christian. But Your Portfolio Isn’t!

There is no shortage of voices in the world of Christian finance. There are articles, books and podcasts that detail the dangers of debt, the mandate of giving and the importance of managing money God’s way. There’s even a possibility that you’ve heard someone mention the dangers of investing in especially sinful companies. But a…
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Bible Verses About Investing


Updated July 26, 2021 The Bible gives a lot of guidance for how to best live your life, but what does the Bible say about wealth and saving money? — and how should you let your religious beliefs affect your investing practices? There is no lack of guidance on how Christians should conduct their investment…
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