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Politics: Wanting a More Perfect Union

It seems inevitable that political tensions are peaking as we approach the presidential election. Due to our two-party system, most of this stems from the partisan politics between Democrats and Republicans. However, this time around you can add a global pandemic, various natural disasters, and a heightened awareness of racial and social injustice to amplify…
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Reaching Across the Aisle

Amongst the rising tension and divisiveness we are experiencing in America today, wouldn’t it be great to hear our politicians say: “Now, more than ever, we need to reach across the aisle and work together for the good of the American people!” Sounds simple. But, we know it isn’t. Developing a collaborative mindset takes genuine…
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Demanding Equality

Demanding Equality I had dinner with my Mom last night and she told me about a group of old New Yorkers who started congregating on Zoom to talk about life, the world, and equality. One African American gentleman who worked at a big-box retailer for over 20 years recounted his experience with recently hired junior…
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Carbon Tax: What Investors Should Know

The concept of a carbon tax is a hot topic among economists and environmentalists. However, it’s likely to be a mystery for the rest of us! Ultimately, it combines two vital aspects of our everyday existence–the wellbeing of the ecosystem and the condition of our wallets. So here we go: Carbon taxes involve assigning a monetary…
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How Accurate Are Polls: Can I Trust My Vote?

Many Democrats awoke in disbelief on November 9th, 2016. Clearly many were shocked by what they saw on the news! Maybe it was still a dream, or they had yet to put on their glasses. Surely Donald Trump, the seemingly joke candidate that many Americans thought had no chance of winning the Presidential election, could…
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