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Category: Green

Is Zero Waste Possible

  That Instagram post you saw with the girl holding a green smoothie in a mason jar claiming to be #zerowaste probably isn’t. Though I’m sure she creates less waste than the average joe, unless she grows her own hemp to weave her underwear, it’s safe to say that even ‘Try Hard Trina’ isn’t 100%…
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plant based burger

Plant Based Alternatives are Here to Stay!

Lava lamps, Fidget Spinners, Tamagotchis – fads come and go faster than all your digital pets combined. So, what about the new plant-based alternatives? Is the vegan lifestyle simply just another fad? The answer is NO! According to a new report, the global vegan meat market is projected to be worth $8.3 billion by 2025!…
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Cute Cartoon Tomato with Much Money

What Is Vegan Investing?

If you are a passionate vegan and try not to use any animal products such as fur, leather, silk, honey and wool, shouldn’t those values and priorities extend to your investments as well? Extending the idea of living a complete vegan lifestyle is the concept of vegan investing, which focuses on investments into companies that…
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World environment day concept

ESG Investing…Capitalism 2.0

Arizona-based Footprint sells biodegradable packaging to food giants such as Conagra. New York software firm First Access facilitates microfinance loans in the developing world. And virtual marketplace First Harvest sells surplus produce to reduce food waste. These young companies strive to improve sustainability and benefit the social good while generating competitive returns. They, like many…
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how to invest in clean energy

How to Invest In Clean Energy

For most people, helping out the environment doesn’t mean completely overhauling the way we live. It’s simply choosing more sustainable ways to do what we already do. Like buying reusable grocery bags or purchasing clothes from environmentally conscious companies. Green investing is a powerful way for you to drive change towards a more sustainable society.…
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