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How to Get Hitched – To Elope or Nope?

It’s a question that’s difficult to answer, but will inevitably arise when you are about to pass out in a pile of invitations and fabric samples. Is planning a wedding worth the hassle? Does it really matter whether you have daffodils, daisies or…dandelions? To elope or not to elope, that is the question. If you’ve…
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marriage during covid

Wedding Guide: Having Your Wedding During the Coronavirus

Following suit with the rest of 2020, weddings have been suddenly interrupted by COVID-19. Unprecedented changes rattled not only thousands of ‘to-be-weds” but also the businesses of photographers, planners, venues, florists, caterers and more! To help you navigate the new uncertainties, here’s a list to assist you with adapting and re-tooling your wedding day plans…
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What is a Joint Account and Should You Get One? Pros and Cons

Whether you are thinking of walking down the aisle or are newlyweds who just did, a blissful marriage comes with financial baggage – baggage that needs to be unpacked. Before you make any progress, you must first ask: Where do I even put my money? Deciding if you need a joint bank account is an…
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6 Financial Topics You Probably Haven’t Discussed with Your Fiance

Discussing money with your spouse or partner is never easy. Such conversations can be difficult because they involve a degree of honesty and vulnerability about a very sensitive part of your life. 69% of adults in committed relationships report avoiding talking about finances to prevent some sort of argument. But, honesty serves as the foundation…
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