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Politics: Wanting a More Perfect Union

It seems inevitable that political tensions are peaking as we approach the presidential election. Due to our two-party system, most of this stems from the partisan politics between Democrats and Republicans. However, this time around you can add a global pandemic, various natural disasters, and a heightened awareness of racial and social injustice to amplify…
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Reaching Across the Aisle

Amongst the rising tension and divisiveness we are experiencing in America today, wouldn’t it be great to hear our politicians say: “Now, more than ever, we need to reach across the aisle and work together for the good of the American people!” Sounds simple. But, we know it isn’t. Developing a collaborative mindset takes genuine…
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Benefits Of Capitalism

Why Capitalism Is Good for America!

As financial advisors, we’ve already got a pretty good idea about why Capitalism is good—both for the country and for individuals. While our country is seemingly quite divided over the benefits of Capitalism vs. Socialism, it’s helpful to remember why Capitalism endures and benefits us all. The Benefits of Capitalism The benefits of Capitalism are…
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5 Top Republican Donors (that you may actually recognize)

If you try to search for “companies that support Republicans”, you will find, well a lot. A lot of numbers, indistinguishable names and companies that donate equally to both parties. You also find articles such as: “#grabyourwallet – Boycott These Companies” “An anti-Trump movement is calling for the boycott of these retailers” “Want To Boycott…
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What Are American Freedoms

Why Is The First Amendment Important?

Most of us know the basics of our rights to free religion, speech, and press, but why is the first amendment important—particularly now? An eighteen-year-old was shot in the chest while petrol bombs flew behind him. One Beijing lawmaker was stabbed by a masked man and another shot point-blank while setting up a roadblock. One…
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