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Since When Are There Only Two Colors? Make Your Own Color Wheel in November

Contrary to popular belief, picking a political party isn’t the same thing as gang affiliation. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t align ourselves to red or blue, but to a person, we can stand behind. Every year, new candidates arrive on the chopping block and we only hear what we get from the news or our Twitter feed. The primary elections will be here before you know it, so take this quick and easy quiz to see who would win your vote this Spring. No matter who you’re rooting for, make your voice heard!


1. We spend $693 billion per year on the United States defense budget. How should we reallocate that money moving forward?
A. This number is absurdly high. Slash the budget and reallocate to other areas.
B. Boost the defense budget.
2. You work hard for your money and depending on your annual salary, you’ll fit into one of several tax brackets. What tax policy would you support moving forward?
A. Taxes on the wealthy should be raised, as well as creating new social programs.
B. Increase both the capital gains tax rate and the rate of existing taxes on upper-class Americans.
C. There should be increased taxes on wealth, financial trades, and capital gains. Eliminate the break for offshoring funds.
3. Our nation faces more threats than ever before. How should we deal with emerging world powers as a country?
A. While we can support the goal to remain a world power, we need to change our approach.
B. It shouldn’t be our focus right now while we are still a world power. There are more important things to focus on.
C. Leave the current trade agreements and put special trade tariffs on other countries.
4. This country has been deemed the melting pot for decades. What does being a good citizen worthy of living in the U.S. entail?
A. All barriers must be broken. The building of the wall will be halted as soon as possible. We should provide citizenship for those who dream of a better life.
B. Yes, citizenship should be available to dreamers, but we need to leave our current illegal entry statutes in place.
5. CBD and THC are legal in some states, but not federally. How 4/20 friendly are you?
A. The use and distribution of marijuana should be legal at a federal level. If this is passed, all previous pot convictions will be erased.
B. The goal should be to decriminalize marijuana and erase previous pot convictions.
6. Since the elimination of Obamacare, another alternative hasn’t been put into effect. Is health care a universal right provided by the government?
A. Medical coverage for all. Anything less is not an option.
B. Medicare for all is unrealistic, but we should expand the current coverage.
7. Semi-automatic weapons: self-defense or irrational violence?
A. There should be a ban on all assault weapons
B. Let’s offer a buyback program to the owners of assault weapons
C. We need to bring Americans into the argument by taking on the NRA and focusing on mental health. We can buyback these weapons and require background checks.
8. Our kids are the future of our world and it is up to the public school system to educate the future. How do we help the public education system?
A. Establish free college for students. While we’re at it, take care of the educators who influence our students and boost teacher pay.
B. Yes, teacher’s pay should be boosted, but only two years of college should be free.
C. Teacher pay should be increased, all college should be free, and remaining student debt should be erased completely.
9. We have been fighting an impossible war for around two decades. What’s the plan Mr./Mrs. President?
A. It’s time to bring our troops home.
B. Keep the troops deployed for now.
10. What is the limit to your rights while incarcerated? Set the precedent for prisoner’s rights.
A. Abolish the death penalty and abolish private prisons altogether. These people, once released, should have human privileges such as voting.
B. Focus on improving their treatment during their time in prison
C. Abolish everything while you’re at it. They have human rights and should be able to vote during their time in prison.
11. The current state of our environment is bleak at best. What should be done to change the path our planet is on?
A. We need to impose government regulations to cut back on carbon emissions and cut off fracking everywhere.
B. Taxes should be placed on exceeding carbon emission limits. It’s time to end off-shore drilling and focus our energy on developing nuclear technology to fight climate change.
C. Ban fracking everywhere and impose regulations of carbon emissions, as well as close down our existing nuclear power reactors. We will pay farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices.
If you picked mostly A…
Elizabeth Warren
You would most closely align with the beliefs of Elizabeth Warren. The current U.S. Senator considers herself a member of the Democratic party and has a very progressive platform. She has worn many hats as a professor, lawyer, author, and politician. She is polling second between Biden and Sanders for the 2020 election. She was named TIME Magazines one of the top 100 most influential people in the world. Her political platform is left-leaning in considerably all aspects, which is funny considering she is a former republican!
If you picked mostly B…
Joe Biden
You would most likely vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. The former vice president to Barack Obama is a Democratic candidate running for election after an unsuccessful campaign in 1988 and 2008. He formerly served as a Delaware senator before his position in the White House. He is competing for the democratic vote against Warren. Their platforms have their similarities with a few exceptions whereas Joe’s beliefs are more moderate. His chances are looking sunny for the primary elections.
If you picked mostly C (or A for questions with no C answer)…
Bernie Sanders
You would most likely vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election. He has served as a Vermont senator since 2007 and is the longest-serving Independent in U.S. history. He describes himself as a socialist and a progressive. He has been an activist from a young age. His stance is similar to Elizabeth’s in multiple areas, but as a socialist his focus is on free education, a Green New Deal, decreasing military spending, and eliminating economic inequality. He ran for president in the 2016 elections, polling just behind Hillary Clinton for the primary elections.

At Demand Wealth, we believe that you should make your own color wheel when it comes to your investments as well. While most people understand the importance of standing behind a candidate (rather than a party) who will fight for values they agree with, very few people take that same approach to investing.

If you haven’t taken some time to ensure your investments align with your values, get started today by scheduling a video conference with one of our advisors and ask them about the ‘Demand Hope’ portfolio.


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