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How to Be Carbon Neutral: Your Actions Count!

Calling all environmentalists, activists and anyone who wants to take some steps forward and experience progress. You don’t have to chain yourself to a tree or wear hemp underwear… You can start with these simple steps. While we think of all the ways we can change the world, let’s reflect on how we can balance our personal climate. Join us on our journey to being carbon neutral! Cut Back on Red Meat It’s no easy…
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Carbon Tax: What Investors Should Know

The concept of a carbon tax is a hot topic among economists and environmentalists. However, it’s likely to be a mystery for the rest of us! Ultimately, it combines two vital aspects of our everyday existence–the wellbeing of the ecosystem and the condition of our wallets. So here we go: Carbon taxes involve assigning a monetary value to every ton of greenhouse gas emitted by a corporation. As a result, businesses are incentivized to limit the…
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