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Fossil Fuels: Are You Wearing Petroleum-Based Clothing?

When you think of the top contributor to pollution, the oil industry is probably a safe guess. However, designer Eileen Fisher boldly points out that the clothes we wear may be a close second. While many are quick to question the integrity behind that claim, a climate change and textiles study found that the fashion industry is responsible for nearly 10 percent of our global greenhouse emissions! It’s no secret that fast fashion — the relatively new industry…
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How to Reduce Waste: 5 Easy Swaps for a Better Planet

Wondering how to reduce waste without making big sacrifices in your day-to-day life? Your social media feed is inundated with hashtags, advertisements, and sponsored influencers advocating environmental conservation.  There is a misconception, however, that doing one’s part to help the environment can be difficult, time-consuming and even costly. While it’s true that some Eco-friendly options are challenging (like perfectly following your county’s recycling code) or costly (like buying a Tesla), there are plenty of easy switches we…
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Plastic Straw Ban: How Does This Affect My Investments?

“No straw, please!” If you’ve stopped by Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts lately, you probably noticed an empty bucket where the plastic straws used to be. Whether it’s a ban on foam cups or a change from plastic to paper, the popular coffee chains are not the only ones jumping on the sustainability trend.  Most major cities have also banned plastic bag and straw usage. India has even pledged to ban single-use plastic across the entire…
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