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Vegan Companies…Stay Solo or Be Acquired?

Plant-based meat sales exceeded $12.1 billion in 2019. While the global plant-dairy alternative market is projected to rise to $21.7 billion by 2022. It’s increasingly obvious that a greater number of consumers are demanding plant-based products, either for medical reasons or as a healthier lifestyle choice. None of this has gone unnoticed by the larger,…
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Plant-Based Meat Alternatives: Investing Like You Eat

In a tofu and green smoothie world, the rise of plant-based meat alternatives was inevitable. But, if you, like so many of us, thought it would never outsell a real burger, we might be wrong. In 2009 Beyond Meat began as a California-based startup with a simple idea: ‘there is a better way to feed the planet.’ The company not only believed in protecting animals, but the…
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Plastic Straw Ban: How Does This Affect My Investments?

“No straw, please!” If you’ve stopped by Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts lately, you probably noticed an empty bucket where the plastic straws used to be. Whether it’s a ban on foam cups or a change from plastic to paper, the popular coffee chains are not the only ones jumping on the sustainability trend. Most major…
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