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Video Games Are Good For You

With more than 1.23 billion consumers playing video games every day, the $25 billion per year gaming industry has inarguably had a massive impact on society. The question looms is that impact positive or negative?


Gaming, similar to playing a musical instrument, learning a new language or simply reading, inevitably alters your brain. The common belief is that those changes are inherently negative, whether its increased violence and aggression, depression, anti-social behavior, or even weight gain. Perhaps less known are the positives associated with gaming, such as improved vision, creativity and decision making.


It’s not all bad! Here are three positive effects of gaming:

1. Improved Vision


Many may assume that the teenager slumped over in a dark room staring intently at a lit-up TV is damaging their eyes with all that screen time. To one’s surprise, however, that teenager might actually have better eyesight compared to non-gamers. Gaming has the ability to improve visual impairments and sight in poor visibility situations, studies show.


According to researchers at the University of Rochester, compared to non-gamers, those who frequently play video games had superior contrast sensitivity. Contrast sensitivity is the eye’s ability to distinguish between increments of light versus dark, which plays an important role in driving safely at night or in other impaired visibility situations (like fog). Additionally, a study at the University of California, Berkeley concluded that gamers with lazy eyes who played with their good eyes covered saw improvements in vision tests.

2. Increased Creativity


Although art and music may be more commonly categorized as creative activities, various studies illustrate that video games should be on the list as well. For example, a Michigan State University study concluded that there is a link between playing video games and increased creativity. With many companies seeking creativity as a trait in potential employers, this is no small feat. Compared to reading, an assumed “better” alternative to gaming, video games are much more active and require creative input.


3. Advanced Decision-Making Skills


Various studies have come to the same conclusion that gamers have better decision making skills compared to their non-gaming counterparts. Referring to research performed by the Wall Street Journal, video gamers made decisions 25% faster and equally as accurate as non-gamers. The University of Rochester similarly highlighted that gamers arrived at an accurate decision in less time, partially due to an advanced ability at ignoring irrelevant or distracting information. Significantly, they remind us that such efficiency can make all the difference to a surgeon, police officer or soldier.


The Key: Diversification*


There are evidently positives to playing video games that may be overlooked at first glance. However, excessive gaming and the time lost that could be invested in other activities can often outweigh these benefits. Thus, to enjoy the positives of video games, one must remember to play in moderation by diversifying and investing their time in other activities as well.


So, why is a Wealth Management Company trying to instill in you the benefits of diversifying your time? Put simply, diversification of your investments is also a key to a healthy financial future.


Think about Uber. An exciting, up-and-coming, company, right? Well, if you had put all of your $100,000 savings in Uber stock when it was released to the public on May 10, 2019, you would have lost $40,000 in less than six months. The moral of the story? Just as you’ll come to ruins if you spend all of your time playing video games, your portfolio could be equally destroyed if you spend all of your money on one individual stock. Diversification is both the key to enjoying the benefits of gaming and helpful in reaping the benefits of investing. Schedule a video conference with one of our advisors today and ask therm how the ‘Demand Gamer‘ portfolio helps you invest in the gaming industry while keeping you globally diversified.

*Diversification neither assures a profit nor eliminates risk.

This report is a publication of Demand Wealth. Information presented is believed to be factual and up-to-date, but we do not guarantee its accuracy and it should not be regarded as a complete analysis of the subjects discussed. All expressions of opinion reflect the judgment of the author as of the date of publication and are subject to change.

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