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Vegan Vs Vegetarian: Can Vegetarians Invest Vegan?

It sometimes feels like vegans are stuffy parents who judge vegetarians for not following their rules. While vegetarians also follow a plant-based diet, they can feel excluded, judged, and uncomfortable getting anywhere near that elite vegan status (let alone a ‘Demand Vegan’ portfolio). But it doesn’t need to be that way. As the only vegetarian in a family of vegans, I asked my vegan parents what they thought of vegetarians investing in a vegan portfolio. My dad offered a pearl of wisdom that only a 65-year-old with many years of bad joke experience could provide:

“If a vegan and a vegetarian got into a fight… would it still be a beef?”

Cheesy dad joke, I know, but he somehow pulls it off, and more importantly, provides an answer. The point is that it is silly. From health to beliefs to taste preference, everyone has different reasons for what they eat. It’s the similarities that tie these plant-based lifestyles together.

Both vegans and vegetarians are bonded by a dedication to health. Some individuals require meals with low dairy, low sodium, high protein, or a million variations of certain nutrients. Many of us have unique nutritional needs. My mom consumes more vegetables in a day than I likely eat in a week. She banished diabetes that haunted her for decades by maintaining a vegan diet. Thousands of similar success stories surround a plant-based diet. Regardless of the variety- vegan, vegetarian, something in-between – each diet works towards a healthy lifestyle.

Alongside health, beliefs also vary from person to person and diet to diet. Yet each different belief surrounding plant-based foods enters the same underlying conclusion. We care about bettering our planet. Whether you worry about animals or methane release or land consumption, every plant-based diet works to minimize humanity’s dent into the world. Whatever their differences, vegans, and vegetarians are working towards the same goals.

Differences are easy to point out, but it’s the similarities that hold us together as a single strong front to the world. Yes, of course vegetarians are allowed to invest vegan!

Demand Vegan‘ broadly supports animal, human and environmental health.

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