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Plant Based Alternatives Are Not a Fad!

Lava lamps, Fidget Spinners, Tamagotchis – fads come and go faster than all your digital pets combined. So, what about the new plant-based alternatives? Is Beyond Meat just another fad? The simple answer is NO! Vegan Benefits The growing acceptance and demand for plant-based diets was inevitable. Interest in Vegan diets and lifestyles have soared…
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How Zoom Changed the World

Before COVID-19, the video conferencing app Zoom was not a household name. But, as the world changed with lockdowns and quarantines, it became synonymous with communication. Zoom and other video conferencing services have revolutionized communication infrastructure. From logistical lifestyle changes such as your school or office desk moving into your home, to life-saving medical consultations…
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Vaccine Investing During a Global Pandemic

As of June 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had already infected more than 5.3 million people across the globe and claimed the lives of over 343,000. As the virus continues to spread, social distancing guidelines and lockdowns are consequently extended and healthcare systems are overwhelmed like never before. The world hopes for a vaccine to ease…
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Vegan Vs Vegetarian: Can Vegetarians Invest Vegan?

It sometimes feels like vegans are stuffy parents who judge vegetarians for not following their rules. While vegetarians also follow a plant-based diet, they can feel excluded, judged, and uncomfortable getting anywhere near that elite vegan status (let alone a ‘Demand Vegan’ portfolio). But it doesn’t need to be that way. As the only vegetarian…
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Plant-Based Meat Alternatives: Investing Like You Eat

In a tofu and green smoothie world, the rise of plant-based meat alternatives was inevitable. But, if you, like so many of us, thought it would never outsell a real burger, we might be wrong. In 2009 Beyond Meat began as a California-based startup with a simple idea: ‘there is a better way to feed the planet.’ The company not only believed in protecting animals, but the…
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