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Video Game Stocks’ Success During COVID-19

Investing in Video Game Stocks It is no secret that many industries have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the world self-quarantining and avoiding all non-essential public appearances, sectors such as events, hospitality and travel are understandably taking big hits. Countless small businesses have closed their doors!  Hair and beauty salons are non-existent and restaurants are few and far between. In fact, one may easily assume that all sectors of the economy are in similar…
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Video Games Are Good For You

With more than 1.23 billion consumers playing video games every day, the $25 billion per year gaming industry has inarguably had a massive impact on society. The question looms is that impact positive or negative?   Gaming, similar to playing a musical instrument, learning a new language or simply reading, inevitably alters your brain. The common belief is that those changes are inherently negative, whether its increased violence and aggression, depression, anti-social behavior, or even…
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Board Games Vs Video Games: You Can’t Game When Your Electricity Is Cut Off

You are ripping out nazi hearts, saving the princess, shooting zombies with your tripped-out ray gun, or winning the Fortnite championship. You are having fun. That can’t be so bad, right? Gaming is no longer just a simple joystick, game-over-screen, after-school endeavor. Gaming is a $135 billion enterprise with dozens upon dozens of job disciplines. From Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, to even the smartphone in your pocket, this is an industry with no limits. Seriously,…
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