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Modern Portfolio Theory Made Easy

Introduction to Modern Portfolio Theory What is Modern Portfolio Theory? Despite the name, ‘Modern’ Portfolio Theory (MPT) was pioneered in 1952 by Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz.  Almost 70 years later, the principals of MPT remain just as relevant today.  The foundation of MPT is based on the logic that the risk and return of a single investment should be analyzed together. An efficient investment portfolio should be based on an analysis of the different…
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Rebalancing: Robo Versus Human Advisor

Hybrid advisors are becoming the gold standard in wealth management services, combining technology driven objectivity with experienced human wisdom. As technology continues to push the industry forward in meeting client needs, wealth managers must ensure that their investment models have the flexibility to adapt, not only in growing wealth and planning, but also in reducing costs.  Rebalancing helps to maintain the integrity of your risk profile while providing a discipline to buy low and sell…
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