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Do You Eat (Meat) Like a Republican?

As red-blooded, flag-bearing, bacon-loving supporters of our country, Republicans know American values. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, those values have become more important than ever; specifically, in what we eat. Meat has always, in part, been a celebration of what it means to be an American. But, as processing plants were forced to shut their doors during the pandemic, supporting the meat business has started to stand side-by-side (6 feet apart, of course) with larger republican values. So, do you eat (meat) like a Republican?

One of the clearest cases proving meat is marbled with American values is illustrated by the conservative meat producer, Tyson. Throughout this pandemic, Tyson had been forced to close several plants. In April, Tyson released a warning that even being closed for a short period will cause a “limited supply of our products available until we are able to reopen our facilities…” As you probably saw on your grocery store shelves, meat was running out. Tyson showed their concern not only for American consumers, stating “we have a responsibility to feed our country,” but also for their workers. In addition to the danger to the supply of meat, Tyson warned that shutting down their plants also forces the furlough of employees. Over 10,000 hard-working people were sent home each time a plant closed. Let’s not forget the farmers that raise the livestock that now has no place to go.

President Trump, using the Defense Production Act, set an executive order to keep meat processing plants like Tyson open during the pandemic. The President promised that plants would follow health guidelines to protect the safety of workers and all products. Moreover, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture stated that, “Maintaining the health and safety of these heroic employees in order to ensure that these critical facilities can continue operating is paramount.”

Paramount because these plants represent more than just meat. By supporting meat processing plants, we are assisting thousands of plant workers and their families. We are supporting farmers as well, not just our backyard barbeques.

Conservative values are clearly captured in the ambition to support our own families and those of fellow Americans. If, like Tyson, you value supporting hard-working families and you can’t resist a good steak or bacon cheeseburger, well you might just dine like a Republican after all.

With our cravings for steak and bacon, meat processing companies will be here through pandemics, politics and partisanship.

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