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How to Reduce Waste: 5 Easy Swaps for a Better Planet

What Are ESG Investments

Wondering how to reduce waste without making big sacrifices in your day-to-day life? Your social media feed is inundated with hashtags, advertisements, and sponsored influencers advocating environmental conservation. There is a misconception, however, that doing one’s part to help the environment can be difficult, time-consuming and even costly. While it’s true that some Eco-friendly options are challenging (like perfectly following your county’s recycling code) or costly (like buying a Tesla), there are plenty of easy switches we can make to keep the oxygen flowing and the grass growing. As an added benefit, these 5 eco-friendly tips might also save you some cash.

Easy Eco-Friendly Tips

1. Plastic Straws

While this might seem obvious, plastic straws have only been a hot media topic when it comes to eco alternatives since 2019. If you open Instagram, you might see a campaign to save the turtles! Who can ignore environmental distress when it’s attached to a loving creature? This campaign has resulted in a nationwide deceleration of the distribution of plastic straws. If you drive through your local Starbucks and order a nitro cold brew (my current favorite) they will give you a lid with no straw. While lids still utilize a decent amount of plastic they can still be recycled and in a growing trend, restaurants are moving away from petroleum and towards plant-based ‘bioplastics‘. As more large companies quickly came on board, the legitimacy sped from pipe dream to mainstream and we haven’t looked back. Metal straws are another great alternative. I prefer them to the paper options some shops offer, mainly because the paper can quickly become a soggy glop. This is an easy bandwagon to hop on; it’s quick, easy and shows that you care about our planet. In fact, if you send an email to [email protected] with “free straw” in the subject heading, along with your name and address, we’ll mail you a free metal straw!

How to Reduce Waste

2. Your Morning Cup O’ Joe

There is nothing that gets you up and at ‘em quite like a warm cup of caffeine. Plenty of us rely on this bean to power us through the day, but our daily habits can easily translate into real cumulative damage. When you’re running out the door, you might pour that coffee in a paper cup and toss it in the trash before heading into the office. While certainly efficient regarding your work schedule, it directly translates to a waste of resources with consequences. One cup of coffee every morning before work averages out to about 240 paper cups per year! One great alternative is a sleek and stylish reusable mug. Not only do they reduce waste, but you look cooler holding stainless steel than soggy paper. Some shops may even give you a discount for bringing it with you! HECK, Demand Wealth will even send you one of these sleek canisters gratis with a new portfolio over $100,000. Just shoot an email to [email protected] with a screenshot of your ‘Demand Green‘ portfolio.

3. Tea Bags

If you’re like me, the ideal post-work situation is to chill out with a cup of tea and a good book or your favorite show. The most convenient way to brew your favorite relaxing drink is from store-bought tea bags. Many of us are unaware that tea bags are neither recyclable nor biodegradable! If you want to continue brewing tea with a clear conscience, consider picking up a silicone or metal tea infuser. They’re affordable, portable and easy to keep clean. Search this up on Amazon and you will be flooded with cost-efficient options. You simply put loose leaf tea in the infuser and place it in hot water. This way you can save some coin buying your favorite tea leaves in bulk and simultaneously help save the planet. YUP, you guessed right, Demand Wealth is stepping up again. We’ll send you a cool silicone/stainless tea infuser with a new portfolio of over $50,000. Email [email protected] with a screenshot of your ‘Demand Green‘ account.

ECO Friendly Tips

4. Skin Care

While not all of us are certified dermatologists, many of us pick up the popular skincare products at our local drug stores for that natural glow. Many of those colorful, appealing facial scrubs are full of microbeads. While a nice exfoliant, microbeads can create micro-tears in your skin, if used too harshly and are also detrimental to our earth. These beads don’t disintegrate over time, so they end up polluting our waterways. Fortunately, there are tons of other natural products that exfoliate your skin while preserving our Earth. My personal favorite is Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub, which can be found at your local drugstore or Amazon, of course. Don’t get greedy! We already hooked you up with a metal straw and maybe even a coffee mug or tea infuser…

5. Clothes

In a world focused on fast fashion, it’s rare for people to repair something. It’s easier to dump it and buy the newest version. While we’re not advocating hemp panties, try to avert your gaze from the rat race for a moment and consider repurposing what you already have. Although recycling is helpful, reusing is the most sustainable way to fix the state of our planet. Trends come and go, but staple items are timeless. Invest in a great pair of blue jeans, basic tees, and a full jacket; I promise you can come up with more outfit combos than you think. For some extra help, search for some outfit inspo on Pinterest. Plus, minimalism is in! If you are looking to spruce up your wardrobe, do some research into the designer or company you’re interested in. Make sure their clothes are ethically sourced and that they don’t use harsh chemicals or dyes in their production processes.

If you choose to make any of these swaps, then you are headed in the right direction to save the planet we value and love!

What Are ESG Investments?

Your power to make a difference doesn’t stop with the tips above: you can also make a change by pursuing environmentally responsible investing opportunities.

The ‘Demand Green‘ portfolio focuses on providing investment choices that align with your values, including companies who choose sustainable and green practices. Our team will work with you to find and invest in green companies that support the world you want to see, while protecting your money from companies that don’t. Contact us to learn more and to find out about our full range of financial planning and investment management services.


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