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How Zoom Changed the World

Before COVID-19, the video conferencing app Zoom was not a household name. But, as the world changed with lockdowns and quarantines, it became synonymous with communication. Zoom and other video conferencing services have revolutionized communication infrastructure. From logistical lifestyle changes such as your school or office desk moving into your home, to life-saving medical consultations coming from a screen, Zoom has redefined how we live!


Zoom has changed more than the classroom, work environment and partying – it’s revolutionized medicine.

In Zoomtopia, some doctor’s visits can be held from your home’s comfort and safety. Consultations are just a tap away rather than through a crowded waiting room. Telehealth meetings also expedite internal communications between staff and specialists with real-time video from any device, ensuring prompt medical care for all patients. Zoom pushed the medical industry forward by making both internal and external communication almost seamless.

Remote Working

As many of us found out during this pandemic, working from home is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, working remotely is great: PJs, no commute or awkward break room chit-chat and money saved. On the other hand, working remotely could increase your waistline with less exercise and more laps to the refrigerator. Let’s not forget about the kids running through the house in hot pursuit of the barking dog to really distract you from the day’s agenda.

However you feel about working from home, Zoom makes it possible. The app allows conference rooms to efficiently reach across thousands of worker’s homes in a matter of seconds. There are no hour-long commutes or setting up donuts at the meeting table. Meetings start and end with the click of a button saving valuable time. With higher efficiency and lower overhead costs such as office space, Zoom has truly altered how we do business.


COVID-19 turned education inside out in 2020. While college students have some experience with online learning, younger students were tossed into the world of virtual education with a flurry of online assignments, pre-recorded lessons and virtually timed tests; enough to make anyone’s head spin as families made big adjustments.

Thankfully, video conferencing came to save the day!

Traditional classrooms have been transformed into Zoom meetings where teachers can work “hands-on” with students—no need for outdated pre-recorded lessons. Zoom even offers comprehensive “How-to” documents to teachers that promote secure and productive classroom environments. For students, chat features let them pose questions and share documents in real-time. In April of 2020, several New York teachers reported that Zoom’s comforting environment encouraged shy students to come out of their shells and participate more in class.

The future of education appears to require time in physical classrooms and the opportunities to share and learn with ZOOM seem to be limitless.

Event Hosting

While classrooms and offices quickly transferred to Zoomtopia, events became another challenge in 2020. From weddings to graduation ceremonies to proms, COVID-19 canceled just about all. This prompted the world to head to the land of Zoom to host their events online.

While digital meetings can never replace human contact, event hosting evolved by offering a way when there was “no way”. Not just for the ill or at risk, but for all the busy parents or out-of-staters, guest attendance is granted with just the click of a button. Good luck coming up with an excuse now. The dog chewed my router might be a tough sell

Financial Consultation

Zoom also changed the financial consultation industry. Where you were once a car’s drive from financial experts, Zoom brings them to your home. Demand Wealth offers a $99 personalized consultation on Zoom where you can speak with an advisor who will help alleviate your financial concerns. Some topics include:

  • Portfolio Analysis / General Investment Advice
  • Retirement Planning Advice
  • College Funding Advice
  • Savings / Emergency Fund Advice
  • Inheritance Advice
  • Divorce Planning
  • Newlywed Planning
  • Wills / Estates / Trusts

With a wide range of expertise for whatever stage you’re at in life, Demand Wealth’s advisor consultation can help you get on the right path to financial freedom, all from the safety of your home.

Schedule your zoom call here and check out our ‘Demand Vaccine’ portfolio today.

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