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World environment day concept

ESG Investing…Capitalism 2.0

Arizona-based Footprint sells biodegradable packaging to food giants such as Conagra. New York software firm First Access facilitates microfinance loans in the developing world. And virtual marketplace First Harvest sells surplus produce to reduce food waste. These young companies strive to improve sustainability and benefit the social good while generating competitive returns. They, like many…
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Vegan…Or, Just Sort Of?

Veganism isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle! It means eating no animal products, including even ingredients like gelatin and eggs. When we look beyond the kitchen, being vegan means opting for vegan fabrics, like cotton, and avoiding leather. It also means choosing personal care products that don’t test on animals or use animal ingredients. There…
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Cruelty Free Investing


Veganism extends far beyond your diet, which is why cruelty-free investing is so essential to maintain a truly vegan lifestyle. If you’re already vegan, you know that it takes more commitment than most people understand, but that ethically, it’s worth it. You must always be conscious about what you are putting into and on your…
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Animal Testing: A Look at Our Investment Screens

Taking on the label of “vegan” means more than just eliminating meat and dairy products from your diet. Choosing a vegan lifestyle means you choose to respect the autonomy of every living thing. Beyond your food choices and into the way you live your life and the products you use, Demand Wealth is committed to…
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