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The Future of Social Media: What it Means for Your Investments

The first thing I do in the morning is roll over and scroll through my phone. I tackle my text messages, sift through a superfluity of Snapchat Stories and brazenly browse on Instagram before finally hauling myself out of bed. It’s a part of my daily routine, as well as the routines of billions of others engaged in the realm of social media. The Prevalence of Social Media Social media is pervasive, especially as people…
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How to Get a Job: Is Social Media Your Frenemy?

Seeking employment during a global pandemic can generate a special type of panic. People are getting laid off because their industry relies on in-person contact and the application process is rapidly evolving to keep up with all of the changes dictated by COVID-19. Without the opportunity to meet candidates in person, many employers are looking to social media to find out more. Its emphasis has never been greater! Statistics support the importance of a clean…
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What’s Your Investing Spirit Animal?

Everyone has an investing spirit animal – they just might not know which one. Figuring out which animal describes you best allows you to quickly summarize your investing style and determine your mindset towards investing. This helps to determine how to best plan for your future. There are two main factors that determine your investing spirit animal: risk tolerance and researching style. What’s Your Risk Tolerance? The underlying factor that plays the largest role in…
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Impact of Social Media: 2 Ways it Affects Your Wallet

Rent Electricity Phone Bill Car Payment Groceries And… Social Media? Yes, we know, social media as a monthly expense seems insane! But it’s creating an environment where wallets are getting thinner and credit card debt is growing. Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are not just a massive part of our day to day lives – they are also a major way for companies to get us to spend more money. If you think about…
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How to Monetize Social Media: 6 Helpful Tips

Anyone can monetize fame. People with as little as one thousand followers on social media can become appealing to brands eager to utilize the reach of influencers. There are many ways in which influencers can rake in cash and this blog will walk you through each opportunity that we feel is most effective. Know your audience This part requires a fair bit of experimentation on your end and varies depending on what specific social media…
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