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Raising Vegan Children

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Articles sensationally labeled such as, “VEGAN BABY FACES MALNUTRITION” scare many families away from the idea of raising their child vegan. After all, we only want the best for our children. But when we hear that 38 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese in 2019, the blame almost never lands on the carnivorous parents. Raising vegan children has become more popular as fact-based research increasingly debunks the false unethicality of the lifestyle. Many celebrities such as Beyonce and Zac Efron, as well as athletes such as Colin Kaepernick, Lionel Messi, and Serena Williams ( who is raising her daughter vegan), have embraced the lifestyle. They often agree that “[The vegan lifestyle has given me] more energy, easier digestion, increased metabolism, and much reduced recovery time after workouts. I have less inflammation, can train harder and faster, and my heart and joints are much healthier—there is really nothing negative I can think of as being a vegan athlete.”- Mac Danzig (MMA).

Can You be Pregnant and be Vegan?

If you’ve already been living the vegan life and want to bring your (future) children on the journey with you then you should! Eating a meat, dairy and egg-free diet is healthy for people of all ages, even pregnant women. Some argue that plant-based parents are imposing their views on their children, but this is actually the opposite. A vegan child will grow up with the knowledge of where their food comes from, with an awareness of the consequences for animals, the planet, and our health when eating meat. Unlike omnivorous parents who can be less likely to tell the whole truth of how meat is processed in the fear that their child would chastise the family dinner. Many children are brought up unaware that a more compassionate way of life towards animals is possible.

Do Vegan Children lack nutrition?

Another myth relating to raising vegan children is that it is unhealthy and lacking nutrient density. The British Dietetic Association, states that “…well-planned plant-based, vegan-friendly diets can be devised to support healthy living at every age and life-stage.” This idea of ‘well-planned’ meals is the goal, whether they eat animals or not. Every parent does their best to ensure that their kids are nourished, healthy, and safe. A plant-based child will be less likely to face heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cancer in their lives. By the time a child is 10 years old many already have fatty deposits in their arteries which is a sign of atherosclerosis. Veganism meets all needs for a child to have a well-balanced healthy life, and vegan food is becoming more accessible with new products hitting the grocery shelves all the time. Raising vegan children will benefit them for the rest of their lives. These children won’t crave fast food in the way many of their friends will. Raising your baby vegan is a totally healthy and positive thing to do. You will not only be giving them a healthy start, but you will be nurturing your child’s compassion, protecting their future selves as well as future generations.

Note about the author:

Ella Mink is a vegan mother raising her daughter with lots of protein, iron, and love.

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