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NYC Economics

Top Economic Indicators

The economy fluctuates between intervals of expansion and contraction. Cyclical patterns of growth and recession are inevitable and can occur without warning for indeterminate periods of time. It is incredibly difficult to predict the timing of the next economic cycle, but several top economic indicators provide economists, investors, and policymakers with sophisticated information to make…
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rise of the individual investor

Individual vs. Institutional Investors: The Individual Investor Revolution

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) opened on May 17, 1792. Since then, financial professionals have been the dominant force in the capital markets using their expertise to achieve impressive returns. They act on behalf of banks, funds, and money managers: collectively referred to as institutional investors. But recently, individuals have created a distinguished position…
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balance of value of money and price

Why Investors Are Worried About Inflation Rising

Some economists and investors are warning about the threat of rising inflation even with the U.S. still struggling to recover from the deepest recession ever. What’s behind these seemingly sudden inflationary fears and how big is the threat? Why all this “inflation rising” talk? Washington has already enacted about $3 trillion in financial aid for…
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A thoughtful man sits on a large piggy bank

Pay Off Debt, Invest…Or Both?

When it comes to paying off debt or saving, the question of whether it’s possible or makes sense is one that gets asked pretty often. Should I pay off debt versus save? Or, how about both? Well, the answer is – it depends on your current financial situation. Let’s discuss this in more detail. How to…
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risk vs reward scale

Modern Portfolio Theory Made Easy

Introduction to Modern Portfolio Theory What is Modern Portfolio Theory? Despite the name, ‘Modern’ Portfolio Theory (MPT) was pioneered in 1952 by Nobel Prize-winning economist Harry Markowitz. Almost 70 years later, the principals of MPT remain just as relevant today. The foundation of MPT is based on the logic that the risk and return of…
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